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V.O.I.C.E.S. empowers, supports, and renews hope of sexual assault victims through holistic, wellness, and therapeutic support. Allowing them to find their voice, as they take the healing journey from a victim and become a survivor. “There is POWER in your story!”

About Us: About Us

Vision & Goals

To encourage and inspire the nation to recognize the need of therapeutic program facilities and support for rape and sexual assault victims.  Providing programs that will allow victims to start their healing journey as they become survivors. To build 4-6 nationally recognized therapeutic program facilities that will allow us to better achieve our mission and vision.

Victim: After the trauma of being sexually assaulted or raped, an individual becomes a victim of the crime.

Reach Out: In your own time, you will reach out to someone. It could be your best friend, your mom, a counselor, or reporting the crime to law enforcement. You decide who you reach out to and share this traumatic experience with.

Invest in Yourself: You will start to invest in yourself. This is different for everyone, but investing in yourself can be taking up running, doing yoga, being mindful of what you eat, attending church, going to therapy or even deciding to go back to school. You decide what investing in yourself looks like for you.

Gain Control: Once you have started to invest in yourself, you will feel that you have gained back your control. Your control and power might have been taken from you at one point but you have gained control back. You are in control of your life.

Empower Others: When you feel that you have gained back that control, you will feel empowered and want to start empowering others. As you empower others and start helping them through their healing journey you have now become a…

Survivor: You have gone through the healing process on your own time and terms and you have come out on the other side. You have found your voice and shared your story. You are a SURVIVOR and “There is POWER in your story.”

About Us: About Us
Christy Headshot.JPG

Christy Hinnant

Executive Director/ President
Founding Board Member

Christy Hinnant is an 8-year US Army Veteran, rape survivor, activist, advocate and 2x Mrs. Universal (2019/2020). In 2005, she was sexually assaulted by a stranger at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Through the years she struggled with the aftermath of the assault; the PTSD, the shame, feeling alone, and not knowing what was next. She struggled with ineffective counselors and the justice’s system not doing their job.  Although there are certain resources available to sexual assault victims after an assault there isn’t a place for them to go and heal. Christy’s passion to help others and create that healing safe space grew.


After the military, Christy graduated from the University of North Carolina Greensboro with her bachelor's degree in Psychology and later obtained her master's degree in Clinical Mental Health at Southern New Hampshire University.  In 2019, V.O.I.C.E.S. Against Sexual Assault was born. Helping rape and sexual assault victims go through the healing process as they find their VOICE and become SURVIVORS.

About Us: About Us
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Jesse Hinnant

Director of Operations
Founding Board Member

Jesse Hinnant retired from the military at Fort Bragg, North Carolina after serving 20 years as a Senior Human Resources Manager for the United States Army. Jesse enlisted in the Army in 2001 as a Personnel Administration Specialist and has deployed multiple times in support of military operations to Kosovo, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.

Jesse is a certified Master Resilience Trainer, Associate Professional of Human Resources, and Project Management Professional. Upon retiring from military service, he obtained his MBA from the University of Tampa, with concentration in Nonprofit Management. He currently works as an AmeriCorps Coordinator at Metropolitan Ministries and serves as the Operations Director for both V.O.I.C.E.S. Against Sexual Assault and Pursuing Wellness.

About Us: About Us
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